Why did I start Trim-Up Healthy Weight?

Several months ago, I began noticing that the fat creep just couldn't be contained. I was still within a normal weight (barely), but I decided that I was "supposed" to be thin, like I was once -- not this aging, beginning-to-get-pudgy person whose clothes only almost fit.

So I devised a plan to lose weight - not "some weight," but 20 pounds (I weighed 144 and wanted to be at 124). It really worked. In fact, once I reached my 20-pound goal, I continued to do what I was doing and lost another 5 pounds, to stabilize at 119.

Instead of looking old and wrinkly (I was that already), I seemed more vibrant and energetic (not to mention that my clothes really fit now). So friends kept asking me how I did it. I got tired of repeating myself, so I decided to start a group. It would be three entirely free meetings where I would talk about what worked for me, in the hopes that even one thing would help others.

Well, I got so many responses that I needed to start several groups. Then, I developed so much written material that I decided to start this blog so everything would be accessible to everyone.

I realize that I'm opinionated and that my theories may not be entirely mainstream. You may have other ideas. Some things I say may offend you. It's not my aim to be offensive, but to be direct. If my opinions offend you, please read someone else's blog. If, on the other hand, even one thing I propose resonate with you, I will be happy.

What is Trim-Up Healthy Weight?

Tune-Up is a fun weight-loss plan. Especially fun, if you like gadgets and apps. It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle change, based on factual information and concrete steps.

You can sit around “imagining” how you will look and feel when you’re thinner. You can continue to eat and feel full. You can continue to make promises to do better tomorrow. You can tell yourself every day that you need to lose weight. You can go to the gym or make other half-hearted attempts to get more exercise.

But, if that hasn’t worked, why not embark on something that will let you measure the results. Face the facts. Do the numbers. Watch the numbers change.

You’re going to eat only the most nutritious, delicious food – just not too much of it. And you’re going to easily exercise to keep your body fit – not to lose weight.

What should you do?

Be smart. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a dietitian. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm just a person who thinks in an integrative way, who forms theories about activities and follows those theories to get to the bottom of a problem. I'm just a person who believes we don't need to be ruled by facts, but that knowing the facts are key to developing and following a strategy for accomplishing almost anything. 

So, if you have any health problems, or you have any doubts about anything I suggest, you should consult your own practitioner. Some of what I propose may be new to you, and may even contradict what you have heard elsewhere. You may prefer to follow one of the more well-known programs, like Weight Watchers or one of the extreme diets, like Atkins, paleo, or low-carbohydrate. I don't follow any of them, but you may feel they will work better for you. If so, go for it.

On the other hand, maybe there is one little thing in the Trim-Up Healthy Weight philosophy that will help. If so, I'll be sooo happy.

See you thinner.  Judy Reichler

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