TRIM-UP Strategy

What is the TRIM UP Strategy?

Here's an expansion of the six-step TRIM UP strategy:

Take stock - Find your height (be sure to measure; you might not be as tall as you remembered), weight, BMI and body measurements. We'll provide a chart for that in a later post. Set your goals. Imagine the results.

Record everything - Get an account with myfitnesspal and check out some of the typical foods you have been eating. Later on, you'll record the food you consume each day, as well as your weight, measurements, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and exercises.

Ignite your engine - Walk it off, bicycle, swim, water aerobics, pace. Do it alone or with friends. Remember, though, that exercise is no substitute for getting control of your eating habits.

Meals that are delicious - Toss out stale herbs and spices, and replace them with fresh ones. Add new flavorings and staples, like low-sodium broths and sparkling mineral water. Replace fat, sugars, bread and pasta with healthy alternatives. Buy the best you can afford, organic when possible. Find new recipes. Everything must be wholesome and super delicious.

Unload the worst offenders - Get rid of the easy stuff, like alcohol,cheese, chips, dips, dressings, cookies, candy. Find low-fat, low-calorie, delicious alternatives.

Portion control - Dramatically reduce your portions. Pay attention to the portion size listed on items you eat. You need a fraction of the amount of food you have been consuming.

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